ICBI Software Standards

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Software Standards – Section 400

The Software Standards are necessary to ensure reliability and consistency of calculations

401 Calculation Standards

401.01 – Software must meet ICBI standards of accurately calculating future costs and expenditures considering the effects of inflation or deflation, and including one-time, non-repeat expenditures, and future funding amounts including special assessments, interest earned, and income tax calculations

402 Percent Funded Calculation Standards

402.01 – Software must be able to accurately calculate all three methods of calculating percent funded:

  • Current cost method
  • Inflation adjusted cost method
  • Future cost method

403 Required Reports

403.01 - Software must be capable of producing all reports required by ICBI in an appropriate format. While exact formats are not dictated, the required reporting elements for each financial exhibit are specified

404 Timeshare requirements

404.01 - Software meeting timeshare certification requirements must be capable of tracking interior unit component inventory by unit in addition to tracking non unit common area components