Management Companies

Facilities 7 offers the management company unique capabilities. The management company organizational hierarchy is normally built as follows:

1) User permissions are defined by the management company, and are structured so that accounting and executive staff (as an example) have access to all regions and all associations at the top, or management company level.

2) A regional manager would normally be given access only to his or her region and related associations.

3) The on-site manager and maintenance staff at an association would normally be given access only to their association.

4) Volunteer members, if given user status at all, are normally restricted to “read” and “print” access only.

Other powerful features allow you to compare data between associations. This allows the management company to be able to see all associations at the same time. This would be used, as an example, to determine if multiple associations were ready for re-roofing. The management company is then in a position to negotiate better pricing for multiple contracts. This can save the individual associations money.

Your access to Facilities 7 can be set up to function directly from your own website. If you have board members accessing the system, this helps build your management company brand. Another unique feature of Facilities 7 is that the management company logo can be inserted into the software (for your associations only) so that it shows on screen any time your staff or board members access the system. The logo can also be set up to appear on select reports that you print. This also extends your brand with your association clients.


Premium Access Program for Management Companies

Facilities 7 Premium Access is available to select management companies.  With Premium Access, Facilities Advisors, Inc. and the Facilities 7 software support group at Percipient Software, Inc. team with the management company to promote the management company’s brand to its association clients.

Facilities 7 Premium Access allows the management company to access the web based Facilities 7 software through the management company’s own website, and make the software available to its staff and association clients.  All screens and reports are designed to display the management company name and logo, thereby continually reinforcing the management company’s brand to its association clients.

Exclusive features of this program are:
•    Access through management company’s website
•    “Branding” with management company name on all screens and reports
•    Hosted on a secure remote server
•    Ability to control user access, even to “read only” status
•    Interface with accounting software to ensure that all transactions are recorded
•    Specially designed schedules presenting budget to actual comparison of reserve activity
•    Ability to generate custom narrative reports
•    Suggested management company reports clarifying that the management company has no liability for the reserve study, but is providing “reserve accounting” schedules as an added, premium service to the association
•    Ability to expand beyond reserves to facilities operations management without having to create duplicate data

There is NO cost to the management company.

The association pays Facilities Advisors, Inc., as the reserve preparer (and distributor for Facilities 7 software), for reserve study services.  The reserve study fee includes the initial year license fee for Facilities 7 software.  For subsequent years, the association can either pay the annual license fee directly to Percipient Software, Inc. (developer of the software), or it can pay Facilities Advisors, Inc. an annual reserve study update fee, which will include the annual software license fee.

For small associations, the annual reserve license fee is $100.  For larger associations, the fee increases based on size of the association, number of transactions, and storage capacity used.