Facilities 7 four critical report features allow you to get whatever information you want in the format you want.

1)    Virtually all reports can be designated to display in either monthly or annual format.
2)    Virtually all reports can be designated to display at either category, major component, or minor component levels.
3)    Our report builder allows each user to define their own report settings and save those settings.  Then, you can specify in what order the entire set of exhibits should combine to print as a single, unified report.
4)    All individual reports are generated in Telerik (a common reporting format) and can be exported to Adobe Acrobat (pdf), MS Word, or MS Excel.

Reports are grouped into three general types:


1) Administrative Reports

Organization – Displays all details of organization, by section
Association – Displays all details of association, by section

2) Narrative Reports (report writer)


3) Financial Exhibits

Summary Exhibits

ICBI Statement of Position
Annual Cash Flow Analysis

Expenditure Exhibits

Expenditure Matrix by Category or Component by Year
Expenditure Summary by Year by Category or Component

Expenditure Detail By Year
Expenditure Detail By Component

Percent Funded Exhibits

Percent Funded Annual by Category or Component

Component List Exhibits

Component List by Category, Major Component, Minor Component
Component List by Location
Component List Inventory with Photo

Analysis Exhibits

Maintenance Observations

Regulatory Exhibits

FASB Supplemental Disclosures by Category or Component
California Statutory Davis Stirling Disclosure Summary
Nevada NRS 116 Statutory Disclosure Summary
Delaware Statutory Disclosure Summary