The Future of Facilities 7 software

At Percipient Software, Inc., our philosophy is derived from our Company name: Percipient - meaning having perception, discriminating, perceiving or capable of perceiving.  A "percipient" analysis of a facilities maintenance system is possible only with software capable of providing the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions.  Only Facilities 7 can give you that information.  Facilities 7 creates the integrated information management system necessary to manage facilities maintenance operations.

At Percipient Software, Inc., we understand how the process is SUPPOSED to work, so we designed Facilities 7 so your facilities maintenance system can work the way is is supposed to.  In order to do this, the system must be capable of managing ALL portions of the maintenance management system.  Facilities 7 presently consists of just the Reserve module.  This is the most important module, as this is where physical components are identified.  Our goal is to have Facilities 7 grow  into seven separate modules, all operating from a single, integrated database.  You will be able to easily manage the entire facilities life cycle – from anywhere – at any time.  The 7 modules comprising the Facilities 7 software system are designed to meet the entire life cycle maintenance management needs of all your physical facilities and satisfy regulatory, statutory, and industry standard reporting requirements.  The 7 modules comprising the Facilities 7 system are:

Reserve Study / Long Term MRR Budgeting

Capital Improvements Budgeting

Operations Management – Operating Budget

Asset Management

Insurance Tracking


Project Management