Search Functions

The unique filtering capabilities built into Facilities 7 make this an extremely powerful management tool.  Because every component has location fields, every component can be tracked by location.

As an example, in a timeshare association, a chair could be located in a specific unit, and the drill down search / filter might be:
1)    Maui Sunset Resort
2)    Unit 212
3)    Living room

The above search by location would display ALL (minor) components in that location.  You could either scroll through the components to find what you want or use the category and component filters to further refine your search.  In this manner you can very rapidly search a large component database to locate the exact item you’re looking for.

The search function is also very useful in performing mass edits.  As an example, if you discovered that sofas were now mispriced based on a single new purchase you just made, all you would have to do to update the pricing for all sofas is select the component you want for all (or selected) locations, then enter a single edit command, and all replacement costs would be changed.  It takes only seconds to accomplish in Facilities 7 what it takes hours to accomplish in other systems.