Software Support

Software Licenses are sold on an annual basis, and include unlimited telephone support for the software.  Support does not include import or manipulation of data.

We are also available to do the “heavy lifting” for you if you prefer to have us import or modify large amounts of data.  Hourly charges will apply for this work, but we are very efficient at working with the system.  The “mass edit” capabilities built into Facilities 7 normally mean that you can make all changes very efficiently yourself, and minimize the possibility that our assistance is needed.

We have seen other software where the design is so poor that you are forced to hire their programmers to do the work for you.  Not the case with Facilities 7.

We believe our best success is measured by how infrequently you need to contact us for assistance.

We also have developed a number of training modules that cover the most commonly used functions of the software.  These modules include screen shots with explanations of action steps required, and are generally only 3 to 4 pages produced as Adobe Acrobat documents.